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In April 1992 Mayme and Arthur Walker under the name Shir-Omar, Inc. purchased the assets of a 15-year old struggling burglar alarm company. Since that time Mayme and Art have developed Communications Unlimited Security (trade name) into a very competitive and fast growing communications, security, and information services company.

Capitalizing on their backgrounds, Mayme and Art Walker in 1994 added small and medium size business telephone systems to the product mix. The company established a dealership relationship with a fast growing business telephone company; WIN Communications of Norcross, Georgia. Since the establishment of that relationship, Communications Unlimited Security has become WIN's prime vendor in Louisiana. Because of this addition to the product and service line $194,000 or 38% of 1996 sales were telephone sales and service.

In keeping with the company's tradition of identifying opportunities and moving to take advantage of them, this past year was no exception. In 1996 Systems Technologies, LLC was established to capitalize on the growing need of business in the area to use computers and information systems. Sys-Tech is the company that The Walker's utilize for Computer networking, maintenance and Internet Services.

The key to the success of Communications Unlimited and Systems Technologies, LLC was being able to look at emerging trends and applying them to real world problems. With that said, The Walker's realizing the ever changing world of telecommunications and evolving customer needs, have launched a new concept in service provisioning based upon a long tradition and history of a "one stop shop". The new company, Communications 1 One, will combine the strengths and assets of Communications Unlimited Security and Systems Technologies, LLC into a converged technologies solution provider. The goal, to provide a comprehensive, holistic approach when providing solutions telecommunications, security, and data needs for clients. The ability to provide these services is being made possible by several strategic relationships with partners like, Bell South, AT&T, Cisco, KMC Telecom, Dell, Siemens and others, which allows the new company, Communications 1 One, to look and perform like a much larger VAR (value added reseller).

There is no other company in the area that professes to provide all the services offered by Communications 1 One. Our strength is providing a holistic approach in evaluating a client's need and being able to implement the solution in a "turn key" manner. The company is in position to take advantage of the ever-changing needs of an ever-demanding clientele.


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