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Its 3pm . . . Do you know what your networks doing?

Now that you have the network to empower your workers, its time to make sure it is performing as advertised. That is where network management and analysis is essential. Because once you have a well designed network in place, the next step is to make sure that its doing the job you wanted it to accomplish in the first place.

Communications One can help you reel in unruly networks and ensure that they are operating at peak capacity.

Traffic Analysis

Are your employees surfing the web to buy CDs online or going to websites that help further your business goals? Communications One can help you analyze the information flowing across the network in order to find out if the information is the RIGHT type of information, and minimize the impact of potentially network handicapping applications like streaming video, and illicit web sites.

User Management

Bring new users online? Do you need to better handle the information of the users you have and the files they store? Communications One can help you bring those users online seamlessly, from making sure they have the right user names and passwords, to setting up their workstations, and configuring them to the network, Communications One is your one stop shop for all user configuration issues.

Management Reporting

We can present management with meaningful information on how their network in operating, and not just a bunch of statistics that can't be understood. These reports can aid managers in intelligently expanding their network assets in the right manner.

Communications One your one stop shop for all your network management needs.


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