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Through Communications One's strategic Partnerships, we are proud to present the latest in cutting edge video surveillance: Endura Video Management Solution. We are Certified Endura Engineers, and stand ready to aid you in your Endura design and implementation.

About Endura

The Endura™ IP Video Security System offers the reliability, scalability, flexibility and performance that customers demand in an enterprise-class IP-based video security system. Endura is the platform on which to build the solution you need – whether you are looking for a sensible migration path from analog to digital, a digital extension to an existing analog system, or a full digital system. Building on Pelco’s decades of leadership in the video security industry, Endura delivers the image quality and robust performance demanded by security professionals. IT professionals can rest assured that Endura offers the fault-tolerance, reliability, and interoperability they expect from any piece of IT equipment.

With the ability to scale from a few to a few hundred to thousands of cameras, an Endura system can be designed to fit a wide range of customer situations. Designed as a foundational architecture upon which a range of security applications can be implemented and integrated, an Endura system evolves to adapt to a customer’s changing security needs. Endura delivers on customers demands today and into the future.


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