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Next to you, the most important investment you can make in your company is your telecommunication system. How people communicate with you is as important as what they say. Communications One can help you make sure you put your best foot forward by offering reliable telecommunication systems that fit within your budget. Our specialist have the knowledge and resources at their disposal to work with you to arrive at the right solution for your unique needs.

Communications One features the WIN Communications System.

The WIN® 440CT family of Digital Telephone Systems offer superior communications solutions for small to medium sized businesses and is capable of supporting highly advanced telephony applications. Each system in the family is engineered to be versatile, scalable, reliable and economical. With a WIN® 440CT Series system, you can harness today's advanced digital communications technology to increase staff productivity, enhance communications throughout your business, and gain the most value for every dollar spent.

The following are some of the benefits to owning the WIN-440CT.

  • The all-digital WIN-440CT incorporates state of the art digital voice technology for extremely fast and reliable command processing and voice switching.
  • The system supports a multitude of network offerings including loop-start trunks, ground-start trunks, T1, ISDN-PRI, DID, E&M Tie Lines, Centrex lines, ICLID& ANI.
  • WIN® IntegraVoice® provides 440CT with powerful voice messaging capabilities. This single card is functionally and physically integrated with 440CT to provide cost-effective Auto-Attendant, Call Answer, and Voice Mail functions for hundreds of users.



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